Make the World go Away

As we wake up in our own perfect worlds all our own, a family, a job, a weekend planned with friends, a painted on smile and a taken for granted blessing of the love and understanding of a family. There are those that have gotten lost on this unpredictable journey of life.
  Some say its through actions of their own, others don’t give it much thought as to why they are homeless and unemployed, but see them as a lesser human and burden on society. But what drove someone’s son/daughter, brother/sister, husband/wife to living day by day in the ugly, confused dangerous world of depression, drug addiction and alcoholism? Truth is we are all one second, one life event away from that downward spiral from “that perfect world” we live in.
  Its the young solder coming home to closed doors because of what he had to do for his country in a far off land. Their thoughts still haunted from what his or her young mind still can’t grasp from living through the hells of combat. As a society, we have become disillusioned by glorification of violence and war. For these young men and women these scenes are played over and over watching their friends get killed beside them, or having to kill to survive. At 19yrs old that’s a lot to ask for anyone, at any age that’s more then should ever have to be placed on anyone. Then to come home to a country where the government cast them aside because we are suppose to be accepting of the “enemy”. They come home shattered, broken and untrusting full of questions with no answers, looking for that comforting and understanding embrace. Someone to listen to their fears and help them make sense of the hell they can’t shake. As a father of a young soldier, I think about this every second of every hour of everyday. Its not a question of ” if” its a matter of when he will be deployed to face these grim realities of war. Sleepless nights, anxious days of trying to think of the answers that are going to comfort and help make sense of it all.
  As I see it, every young solder, every old veteran who wears or had worn the American over their heart, is my son, daughter, my brother or sister, my father  or mother, my grandfather or grandmother, and so forth. They all deserve our time and appreciation, for they sacrificed their time and lives for each and everyone of us so we can have what we take for granted from day to day. They don’t ask for your time or sympathy but they deserve our appreciation and undying love and understanding of what they gave up and left behind on the battlefield to return home. So before you judge what you don’t understand, walk a mile with them and see if you can bare the burden they carry.