A man with an injured ego, is a dangerous man

I have always been a history buff along with a passion for art, in my eyes we really cant have one with out the other. So many of the old masters relayed the political views, human living conditions and the happenings of the times through art, that was their social media, like the internet is today.


I was asked a question that really made me think, and I want to pass it on to you, but not yet. Lets get a back story to lead up to an unbiased conclussion and see if you can see the answer, if there is a right or wrong way to answer this. We all know of the horrific acts of this deranged tyrant, his will to conquer the world and the dark stain he left on a country and the world for that matter, but do you know what he did before his unthinkable crusade?


Hitler was a “starving” artist in the very sense of the phrase, he never achieved the noteriety he thought was deserved in which the rejection played an important role in deciding his course. His art and architectural drawings are very impressive.

So, Should Hitler be recognized for his art work, for the sake of art appreciation and architectural  llustrations, or for what was to follow?

I am by no means an expert on Hitler nor do I condone  his deeds, i am asking this from an art appreciation view only. and thank you Mr. Hendy for originally poseing the question.